• May 13 2015

    The inevitable has come, that we can no longer delay it further. When we started Peony Tea S. the vision we had differed markedly from its current incarnation- that was not to say we were disappointed or we felt it more »

  • October 23 2012

    Gourmets often are wine lovers as well but how about tea lovers? Here are 5 reasons why gourmets should love tea:  1)      Tea is (Substantially) Calorie Free Unless you’re blessed with a naturally high metabolism rate or enjoy an active more »

  • October 23 2012

    In Chinese culture, tea is virtually of equal importance to food. This can be evidenced by the vernacular language, for example when describing the classic prodigal son, one might use the saying- “茶来伸手,饭来张口” which is translated as “when served tea more »

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